Order DiskTriage

You cannot manage what you cannot measure.

This is what Disk Triage can do for you.

Choose from two versions:


$99.95 (Upgrades & Support - 1 Year)
  • LAN Administrators
  • Power Users


$199.95 (Upgrades & Support - 1 Year)
  • LAN Administrators
  • Storage Professionals

The Professional Edition includes :

  • Massively Multi-Threaded Scanning Engine
  • Consolidated Scanning - for the complete picture of your drives
  • Actively Linked Directory Graph and TreeMap
  • Ability to 'Query' your Disk Space
  • 15 Directory Statistics (45 subcategories)
  • Gather statistics globally or by directory
  • Save/Restore input specifications to/from XML file
  • Save/Restore results to/from XML file
  • Export Reports to Excel, RTF, HTML, GIF, JPG

All the features of the Professional Version - Plus

  • Save Results to Database for later use
  • Query/Analytics tool for use on Saved Scans
  • Ability to Edit & Customize Reports
  • Export Reports to PDF and XHTML
  • Gather/Report on NTFS Permissions
  • Visual Sizing Comparison - Visually see difference between sizings
  • Trending (Multi-Scan Comparison)

License Information

The DiskTriage license allows you to use the program for as long as you want.  Maintenance (updates & upgrades) and Support are covered under this price for one year after purchase.  After that maintenance and support are provided at 20% of the current purchase price of the program each year.

NOTE that the license does not allow you to resell the program in any way!

Volume Discounts

If you are looking at purchasing 10 or more copies - you should contact our sales staff. We offer discounts for volume licensing and also provide unlimited site and company wide licenses. To learn more about our volume discounts or site licenses - please contact us at sales@timeacct.com.

Competitive Upgrades!

We also know that there are some other tools out there that people who are looking at Disk Triage may have invested in prior to learning about Disk Triage. To that end we offer a competitive upgrade program to make the switch that much easier!

Our Guarantee

We believe strongly that Disk Triage is the best tool in the market - with no exceptions. To that end we stand by our product! We offer the following to all our customers:

  • 20 day full trial so that you can truly try it before you purchase it
  • 30 day money back guarantee. We will offer a full refund (minus a 10% ecommerce fee) for all purchases returned within the 30 days of purchase.
  • Competitive Upgrade policy so that you can leverage your existing investment in other tools.